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Ball A pitch outside the strike zone that the batter does not try to hit.

Base One of the three safe stations for the batter or base-runner.

Baseline The direct line between each base, along which the base-runner must generally run.

Base-runner A batter who has reached base safely.

Bases loaded Bases are said to be loaded when there is a base-runner on each base.

Batter The player trying to hit the pitch.

Batter's box A rectangular area beside home plate where the batter must stand to hit the pitch.

Batting order The official list giving the order in which members of the team must come to bat.

Bunt An attempt by the batter to tap the ball instead of swinging at it.

Catcher The fielder positioned behind home plate who catches the pitches.

Centerfielder The fielder positioned in center field (near the middle of the outfield).

Changeup A pitch thrown deceptively slowly to surprise the batter.

Curveball A pitch thrown with a rotation that makes the ball curve.

Defense The fielding team.

Designated hitter A player who bats in place of a designated team-mate in the batting line-up.

Double A hit that allows a batter to reach second base.

Double play A play in which two outs are made as the result of continuous action.

Dugout The semi-enclosed area beside the playing field where players sit when they are not actively involved in the game.

Error A mistake by a fielder that lets a batter or base-runner advance to a base.

Fair ball A ball hit into the field of play.

Fastball A pitcher's fastest pitch.

First baseman The fielder stationed near first base.

Fly-ball A ball hit in the air.

Forced out An out made when a base runner, forced to run because another team-mate must run to the base being occupied, cannot reach the next base safely.

Foul ball A ball hit outside the foul lines.

Foul lines The two straight lines, extending from home plate past the outside edges of first and third bases to the outfield fence.

Foul tip A ball that barely touches the bat before continuing sharply to the catcher with little deviance.

Grand slam A home run with a base-runner on each base, scoring four runs.

Groundball A ball hit along the ground.

Hit A ball struck by a batter that enables the batter to reach base safely.

Home plate The five-sided piece of whitened rubber the batter stands beside to hit the pitch.

Home run A hit by a batter, which usually goes over the outfield fence, that enables the batter to runaround all the bases safely.

Infield The diamond-shaped area formed by the three bases and home plate.

Inning A turn at batting and fielding for each team.

Leftfielder The outfielder stationed in left field (the left-hand side of the outfield from the batter's perspective).

Line drive A ball hit sharply in a straight line roughly parallel to the ground.

Live ball A ball in play.

On deck Waiting to bat next.

Outfield The playing area inside the foul lines and beyond the infield.

Outfielder A fielder in any of the three outfield positions.

Passed ball A catcher's failed attempt to catch a good pitch, allowing a base-runner to advance to the next base.

Pinch hitter A player who bats in place of a teammate one time in a game.

Pinch runner A player who runs the bases in place of a team-mate one time in a game.

Pitcher The player who delivers the ball to the batter.

Pitcher's plate The rubber slat on which the pitcher must stand, prior to delivering a pitch.

Pop-fly A ball hit in the air to the infield.

Relief pitcher A pitcher coming into a game in progress.

Right-fielder The outfielder stationed in right field (the right side of the outfield from the batter's perspective).

Run The point scored when a batter or base-runner advances to home plate.

Run batted in The credit a batter receives for a turn at bat that enables a team-mate to score a run.

Sacrifice fly A fly ball hit far enough to enable a base runner on third base to score a run after the ball is caught.

Scoring position A good position for scoring a run on most hits, referring specifically to a base-runner standing on second base or third base.

Second baseman The fielder stationed near second base.

Shortstop The fielder normally positioned between the second and third basemen.

Single A hit that allows a batter to reach first base safely.

Slide A base-running maneuver in which the player slides into a base to avoid overrunning it, or to make it difficult for the fielder to tag the runner with the ball.

Squeeze play An offensive play in which the batter bunts to try to let the base-runner on third base score a run.

Starting pitcher The pitcher for each team at the start of the game.

Steal A base-runner's successful advance from one base to the next during a pitch that is not hit.

Strike 1. A pitch judged by the umpire to have passed over home plate between the batter's armpits and the top of the knees. 2. a pitch that the batter swings at and misses. 3. a foul ball when the batter has fewer than two strikes.

Strike zone The area over home plate between the batter's armpits and the top of the knees, where a pitch is called a strike even if the batter does not swing the bat.

Strikeout An out where the batter has three strikes.

Tag A base runner who is off base is touched with the ball by a fielder.

Third baseman The fielder stationed near third base.

Triple A hit that allows a batter to reach third base.

Triple play A play in which three outs are made with one pitch ... continuous play.

Walk An automatic advance to first base for the batter after the pitcher delivers four balls.

Wild pitch A pitch thrown so wildly that the catcher cannot easily handle it.


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